NOTE - Before scrolling down to see the content of this app, here are some facts about the parameters for the development...

This sample is of a pizza place without a regular website (they have a Facebook page) that wanted a fast, actionable menu divided by specialties.  

The goal of this app was to get two pieces of information that would help ID the customer (phone number and email address), neither being a "required" submittal.  With a warning that "We can not complete this order without a way to verify order" the users will submit one, both or another form of verification in the flexible fields.

Once an order is placed, the owner wanted to be able to have his cook or any other designated person receive the order and enter it into their ordering system, so they have the order coming to a tethered mobile phone (provided by Verizon) that costs the owner $10 per month, because he already had a Verizon plan.

When an order is received and reviewed, the owner wanted to have an option of calling/emailing/texting the customer back to clarify, verify and/or upsell the order, which most independent restaurant owners require.  (Chains tend to not care about this feature.)

By not collecting payment at the time the order is placed by the customer, the operator can collect when the "face to face" happens, either in his location or at the delivery point.  In this way, the customer can add-on salads, sodas or more that are carried by the delivery person and are also in a cooler in the restaurant.  Of course some customers will want to make payment by phone so they can have children pick up or in the event they aren't at home for the delivery.  All of these features are built in to the functioning of the restaurant via this app design.

With big icons it is simple for a finger push on "a picture" of the user so that they can order to go, dine in or delivery.   A "Register for Deals" icon is also linked to current special offers and (some are removed at resaurant owners request) allows a double opt in collection of customer info for special "push" notifications.

This operator wanted a simple app that is promoted internally with table toppers, QR codes, pizza box QR code labels, print QR ads and door QR stickers.

Reservations at this venue are performed via a simple form that does not filter through Open Table.